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Trading Platform

What are Binary Options?

Binary Options are a simple and fast way to participate in the movements of financial assets.  The choice is simple, do you think the asset price will move up or down.  Just choose High or Low on TradeThunder’s trading platform and you are ready to go.


Why Binary vs Traditional Options?

Binary Options are much easier to trade then traditional options.  It has a lower capital requirement and the returns are higher in a shorter time span.  It is perfect for beginners and seasoned traders as well.


What web Browser should I use when trading on TradeThunder?

TradeThunder is viewable in any Windows based browser.  Unfortunately the trader does not function at this time in the Apple environment.  We are in the process of resolving this issue.  Please check with customer support if you need more information.


Do I have to download any software to trade on TradeThunder?

There is absolutely no need to download any software to trade on TradeThunder.


What are the office hours of TradeThunder?

Office hours are 24 hours five days a week.  If you attempt to contact us and do not reach us please leave a message or contact us through the contact us page and someone will contact you ASAP.


What are the trading hours of TradeThunder?

You can trade at TradeThunder during all times that the assets are available in the worldwide markets.



Open Account

Can I register with TradeThunder without making a deposit?

You can register with TradeThunder at any time and need not make a deposit to visit the Trading Room.  You will however not be able to trade until you make an initial deposit.


Does TradeThunder offer Demo Accounts?

Yes, TradeThunder does offer demo accounts upon request.


How do I get my Demo Trading Account?

Please register with TradeThunder and contact support to request your free demo account.  We will also make an effort to contact you as soon as possible to explain your trading options.


How to I switch from a Demo Account to a Real Trading Account?

There is no need to make any new registration to make a real deposit.  All you have to do is login with the same login and password you used when you registered and you can go directly to the deposit page and make your deposit.  You are now ready to trade.


How do I register an account?

To register just go to the Open Account page and fill in the required information.  That is all, your account will be created and you can make a deposit and start trading.


If I am having problems registering, what should I do?

If you are having any trouble registering or making a deposit please email us at [email protected]


Is there a registration fee?

There is absolutely no fee to register with TradeThunder.


Is trading with TradeThunder secure?

Trading at TradeThunder is 100% safe and secure.  Your funds are always available to you and we are powered by Leverate BX8 technology.  Leverate is the leader in Forex and an innovator in the Binary Options marketplace.



Deposit and Withdrawal

How do I make a deposit?

To make a deposit all you have to do is register at the Open Account page and then it will direct you to make a deposit. Once you are registered and logged in you can make additional deposits by clicking on the DEPOSIT button on the top of the page.


What payment methods are accepted?

At this time we accept Visa/MasterCard and wire transfers.  We are constantly adding other deposit methods.  Please see the Payment Methods page for more info.


Do I need to provide documents?

As per the Know Your Client (KYC) policy you will be required to provide documentation once you have opened your account.  This may include but is not limited to one form of personal identification and proof of address.


Is there a fee to deposit?

There is no fee to deposit at TradeThunder.


What is the Minimum Deposit?

Our Standard Account is based in a deposit of $200.  You will then receive the benefits elaborated on the Account Types page.  We also accept deposits as low as $20.


What is the Maximum Deposit?

The maximum deposit is $5,000.  If you are interested in depositing a larger sum please contact support.


Does TradeThunder offer bonuses?

TradeThunder offers the most innovative bonus structure in the Binary Options marketplace.  We have absolutely no withdrawal restrictions on accounts that receive bonuses.  Please see the Deposit Bonuses page for more details.


How do I withdraw Funds?

Please send us a contact request from the Contact Us page requesting your withdrawal.  We will process withdrawals as long as there are sufficient funds in your account at the time of the withdrawal process.  If at the time of process there is not enough we will cancel your withdrawal.


Is there a fee to withdraw?

There is absolutely no fee for withdrawals to credit cards.  Wire withdrawals may incur fees.


How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals are processed in 3-5 business days.


Can I cancel a withdrawal?

You can contact support to request a cancellation of any withdrawal and we will make every effort to accommodate this request.


Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal through credit card is $50 and through wire is $500.