How to Trade

How to Trade Binary Options

Trading Binary Options is the easiest way to participate in the price movement of financial assets. There are only a few decisions that you have to make and you are ready to enter your trade.

Select the Asset you want to trade

Binary Options allows you to trade from the four major asset groups: Stocks, Commodities, Currency Pairs and Indices. The trader can look through the assets available and select an asset from any of these asset groups. TradeThunder offers over 80 assets over the four groups so you will always find an asset ripe for trading.

Choose Call or Put

When trading binary options there are only two possible choices, you predict that the asset price will move up or it will move down. You should choose a Call Binary Option if you believe the price will move up by the expiration time or a PUT Binary Option if you believe it will go down. We suggest using the Education Center to learn an approach to determining if a CALL or PUT is the optimal choice.

Choose an Expiration Time

Binary Option Brokers typically offer different expiration times for their trades. At TradeThunder we offer various expirations between 60 seconds and one hour. Once again we suggest using the Education Center to learn strategies that will work for different time expiries.

Determine the Amount of the Trade

The final step in building your binary options trade is to choose how much you want to invest. We suggest choosing your trade amount based on your available funds and your trading strategy. TradeThunder allows you to trade binary options from only $1, the lowest minimum trade size in the industry

Execute the Trade and Await the Result

Now confirm your trade details and with one click you are officially a trader. Sit back and wait until your option expires. It won’t take long!

Trading at TradeThunder will even make this simple process quicker. The first thing you have to do is turn on the “One Click Trading” option. Next, set your default trade size just once. When you choose an asset in the trading room, you will see that asset available with various expiry times. All you have to do is click on Call or PUT and the trade will execute. That’s only one click, one step and you are done. It couldn’t get easier than that.