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Leverate Financial Services, LTD was founded in 2008 with the goal of being a pure technology provider with the ability to provide a full brokerage solution.  Leverate’s Executive team is comprised of individuals with years of experience in development and programming in the financial markets world.Leverate has built one of the world’s foremost Forex platforms.  They have well over 100 Forex Brokers running on their platform.  Leverate is regulated by CySec which adds confidence for traders as they trade through their platform.In 2013 Leverate recognized the growth in the Binary Options market.  The decision was made that they were to build their own Binary Options Platform based on the knowledge and expertise that they had gained as one of the forerunners in the Forex market.

Leverate’s approach is to be an innovator in the Binary Options marketplace and they have designed their platform with the goal of making the platform easy to use, with a new trader experience.  Leverate does not want to provide another run-of-the-mill binary platform.

Leverate has completed its development of the BX8 Binary Platform.  It is innovative and user friendly.  BX8 includes a trader’s room that is second to none.  The layout is fascinating and provides the trader with the ability to place multiple trades on multiple assets with ease.

The highlight of the trader’s room is the feature “One-Click” Trading.  This takes the simplicity of binary options trading to a new level.  Instead of the normal four or five steps it takes to place a binary options trade, now all you have to do is make “One Click”.  Decide if the asset will move up or down, that’s it.  The rest takes seconds to set up only once.

TradeThunder is the first Binary Options broker to launch on the new Leverate BX8 platform.  We aim at providing the trader with the best possible trading experience possible.  Our customer service is of the utmost importance to us.  Combined with Leverate’s BX8 platform we are confident that TradeThunder is the right place for you to trade.