Why Binary Options?

TradeThunder is the perfect place to trade Binary Options.

You may be asking yourself, “Why trade Binary Options?”

You will find that trading binary options is a great way to participate in the movement of financial instruments for the following reasons:


Binary Options are the easiest way to profit in the financial markets. All it takes is these five steps:

1. Choose an asset to trade.

2. Predict the direction that the asset price will move

3. Select an expiry time

4. Determine your trade amount

5. Enter the trade

With the TradeThunder platform you can do all of this at once with our “One Click Trading”. One Click Trading is possible because our trading room gives you easy access to various expirations and you can set your default trade size. Just click Call or Put and your trade is executed.

Low Capital Investment

Participating in the financial markets can be an expensive proposition. It may require thousands of dollars to earn any profit at all. Binary Options allows a much smaller investment to get started. Trading at TradeThunder you can start with as little as $20 and make trades from $1.

High Returns

When trading in the financial markets the returns are low as a percentage of amount invested. You will need a very large movement in the asset price to see a decent percentage returned. Binary Options returns are much higher and require only the slightest movement of price to be in the money. When trading at TradeThunder you can earn returns of up to 90% per trade.

Short Time Frames

Conventional asset trading can take a long period of time before you can see your returns. This can be days, weeks or even months. When trading binary opotions you can see profits right away. Trading 60 second options at TradeThunder will show you profit in only 1 minute.

Variety of Financial Instruments

Trading on a binary options platform gives you the opportunity to participate in the movement of assets from all of the four major categories, stocks, commodities, currencies and indices. At TradeThunder we have over eighty assets to trade giving you a great variety.